High-Tech Motion has announced the Phoneshield for iPhone 5 – HTM-IP5 priced at $69.99.

The Phoneshield™ for iPhone 5 is the most versatile case and mount combination in the world. It fits an active lifestyle whether the user is motorcycling, bicycling, or participating in any activity where they would want to mount and display their iPhone 5. The HTM-IP5 is even applicable to certain water sports where full submersion is not required, such as stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. With the Phoneshield™, users have the option to utilize the included mounts or add the case to an existing Ram Mount® or Techmount® for specific applications.

The Phoneshield™ for iPhone 5 was designed (with usability, protection, and security in mind) to securely mount and protect the phone.  The package includes a protective hard case and a universal mounting kit that can be used for many different applications. It is an ideal solution for those looking to mount their phone and use their iPhone as a GPS.

Case: The heavy duty case offers the user’s phone protection from dust, rain, dirt, snow, hail, and light water submersion. The case features two double-hinged latches that lock the phone into the case and a threaded base that allows the mount to screw into the Phoneshield™ case for extra security. The front speakers and microphone can be used for music or speakerphone while a sealed membrane keeps water from getting into the speakers. Access to the headphone, charging port, touchscreen, cameras, home button, and power button is available while the iPhone 5 is protected in the Phoneshield™ case.

The shock absorbing silicon case makes it safe to mount your iPhone 5 on high vibration applications like motorcycles. A matte protective screen helps reduce glare.

Mount: Out of the box, the Phoneshield™ can be mounted on wide range of applications. The adjustable handlebar bracket fits round bars with a diameter ranging from .77 inches to 1.78 inches. The ball and socket gives you 360 degrees of rotation for optimal viewing angles. The included adapters allow you to also mount the Phoneshield™ to an existing Ram Mount® and Techmount®. For larger diameter or non-round shaped handle bars, the base of the mount has a zip tie pass-through that allows mounting on a variety of non-tubular surfaces.

Other Mounts and Accessories available:


What’s included?

  • Phoneshield™ Case for iPhone 5
  • Universal Mounting Bracket