High-Tech Motion Phoneshield for iPhone 5

Most motorcycle riders will agree that if you are planning on using your smartphone to display maps and GPS directions while cruising the open road, it is essential that you purchase a good protective case for it and a handlebar mount.

There are plenty of choices on the market—one being the Phoneshield for Apple’s iPhone 5 from High-Tech Motion. Released in May 2013, Phoneshield is a case and mount combination kit. High-Tech Motion says the case is heavy-duty and that it protects the phone from dust, rain, dirt, snow, hail and even light water submersion—so if it rains while you’re riding, you shouldn’t have to worry about your phone getting damaged. In fact, the company is marketing the Phoneshield to not only motorcycle enthusiasts but to those who enjoy water sports, such as stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking, as well.

Using the GPS on a smartphone can drain the battery in a hurry but the Phoneshield case allows the phone’s charging cable to pass through it so that users can charge the phone off the battery on their motorcycle while they’re riding. The case also features shock-absorbing silicone to reduce vibration and a matte protective screen to help reduce glare.

The mount that comes with the Phoneshield kit is adjustable and fits round bars with a diameter ranging from .77 to 1.78 inches. Different accessories and other mounts are also available for the Phoneshield.

The Phoneshield for iPhone 5 can be purchased at High-Tech Motion’s website. The company offers a version of the Phoneshield for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 as well.

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